Do you want to become a professional poker player?

The advantages of being a professional poker player
You can manage your own schedule. You can make a living from it without leaving home and have an exciting life. You can have a very high salary. You can work from anywhere in the world, all you need is a computer with internet connection.

The disadvantages of being a professional poker player
You have to be many hours sitting on the computer every day and you have to know that you will have bad days. It can be difficult to obtain loans and credit being a professional poker player.

If still interested, just download a free and secure poker program and subscribe.

You can practice playing with play money and free money tournaments (freerolls), you should remember that playing for play money is a very different game. Player have nothing to lose and can also play very bad hands.

Subscribing in several poker rooms can take the advantage of promotions and freerolls every room.

Play for real
Start with lower stakes, learn to set all the details and read other players. Learn to select the tables and look weaker players than you. Playing several tables at once you can make more money per hour and improve their game, as you have less time to think than playing at one table.

Can you make money playing poker?
Sure you can!

Millions of people play online and thousands have left their work and make of playing poker their way of living. But not all of them! There are players who earn $ 100,000 a month, playing only a few hours a day!

Here you can find information on Poker Bonuses

Is poker a game of luck?
Poker is not just a game of luck. One of the best poker players, Phil Hellmuth said: “Poker is 100% skill and 50% luck”. Sure, luck helps a lot, but, in the long term is a game of skill.

How to win Texas hold’em poker
There are many variants of poker (poquer or pocar). Stud poker, draw poker, poker cards and shared assortment poker.

The most popular poker is texas holdem and this version has no limit (no limit on bets), also playing in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and in most casinos. There are also pot limit and fixed limit versions.

In Pokerstars teach you the basics of Texas Hold’em tricks, tips and methods to win at poker, how to calculate the probabilities and odds, and the best sites to play online poker rooms.. the rest is up to you!

The rules and more about poker texas hold’em on Wikipedia

How to get ads (Banners) poker rooms for my website?
If you are a webmaster or have a website or blog, why not use it to make money promoting a poker room?

You can earn money by displaying ads or advertisements (banners) of rooms and the biggest and most popular websites in Internet.

Become an Affiliate
Poquerestars, Pokerestars, Poquerstars or PokerStars?
PokerStars is the largest online poker room in the world, with more poker games at every level, biggers tournaments and more players than any other website.

Ful Tilt Poker, Ful Tilt Poker, Full Tilt Poker or Full Tilt Poker?
Full Tilt Poker is the online poker room that grows faster. Full Tilt Poker is the only online poker room designed and used by professional poker players, including Phil Ivey, Chris Fergusson and Howard Lederer.